Biology Lessons Part 2: Population Biology


 Lesson 2.2: Owl Pellets

Alternative Ideas

 Issue Naive Idea* Scientific Idea
Community A community consists of a group of organisms of the same type. A community consists of all the organisms living in a given environment.
Population A population consist of all living organisms in a geographical area. A population is a group of interbreeding organisms, often in a given geographical area; the members of a population are of the same species and have the same chromosome number and type.

* A misconception or alternative idea has three primary features: it is a cognitive idea that differs in a significant way from the scientific idea, it is held by a sizable proportion of the population, and it is notably resistant to being taught away; it is often described as a conceptual primitive (Clement, 1982). There are many other types of errors in understanding besides misconceptions (Fisher & Lipson, 1986).

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